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Employment After Rehab

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To many it would not be surprising to find out that someone in recovery from addiction may not have a perfect past, but what does that mean for their future employment? Should they be worried?

In New Hampshire they are working hard to make sure those in recovery don’t have to worry about their future employment.

New Hampshire has the third-lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 2.7% and there are still jobs that need to be filled. While this low unemployment rate sounds good, there are still issues stemming from employment.

The problem lies in the jobs that still need to be filled, and the requirements that might stop someone who is in recovery, able bodied and willing to work hard, from even applying to the jobs.

Employment after treatment should be the least of your worries, and now it can be. New Hampshire has began an initiative to work with people in recovery to find jobs

Imagine, you were arrested on a misdemeanor drug charge three years ago, now six months sober, and you cannot find a job that will hire you because of your past. It’s unfair, but its not illegal, and until recently there wasn’t much being done about it.

Blueprint Recovery Center knows employment is an essential part of recovery because it improves the chances that you will stay sober, it gives you hope, a purpose and a schedule.

These are all important things to have as you move into long term recovery from addiction.

At Blueprint Recovery Center, we work with patients as they begin to reenter the workforce, helping with resume building, job searching, or re-enrolling in college or trade school.

Public officials with the governor’s office in New Hampshire have also decided to begin a program to certify willing New Hampshire businesses as “recovery friendly.” Officials are building a state website that job seekers in recovery can use and offering training to businesses that want to participate.

Blueprint Recovery is excited to see New Hampshire take such great steps into accepting the recovery community and helping people in life after addiction.

Worried about your upcoming job interview? Don't know how you'll respond about that background check? Have no fear, New Hampshire decided to begin a program to certify willing businesses as “recovery friendly.”